Why bother with church? (Questions Christians Ask)

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A short, readable book that explains clearly and simply what the church is and why it really matters.

The church has an image problem.

It is widely viewed in the world at large as being outdated, boring, irrelevant and filled with backbiting hypocrites.

How different that picture is to how the Bible talks about the new family that Jesus has gathered. It is a precious bride, a sparkling jewel, a lifeboat for forgiven sinners that is precious and holy; nurturing and warm; filled with truth, friendship and all embracing, forgiving love.

Sam Allberry understands the collision between these two views, and how, even as Christian believers, we can lose sight of how truly wonderful church is and should be, and what a privilege it is to be part of, and to serve.

In this brief accessible but thorough guide to church, Sam outlines what church is and why we need it. And how, when we have got it wrong, we can move closer to what a true church should be.


"Sam Allberry has a God-given gift for presenting potentially complex topics in a way that is biblically faithful, skillfully concise, pastorally wise, and culturally relevant. Brimming with Christ-exalting passion and practical instruction, this brief book ably addresses many questions people are asking about the church while stirring the affections of those who believe the church is central to God's activity in the earth today."
Bob Kauflin, Director of Sovereign Grace Music

"We couldn't be more excited about this book. Especially in our day when people look for reasons to reject the church, this book is a necessary encouragement. Sam expertly engages readers with what the Bible says, and brings the truth home through with illustrations that stick with you. We're eager to see church members, ministers, and cross-cultural workers benefit from Why Bother With Church?"
Dave and Gloria Furman - pastor, Redeemer Church of Dubai; author, "The Pastor's Wife" and "Missional Motherhood"

"Many in our day say that they like Jesus, but not the church.  But is it possible to belong to the Head without being part of his visible body?  Obvious in practical importance, Why Bother With Church? is a wise, basic, and winsome invitation to embrace the riches of communion with Christ's new society."
Michael HortonProfessor of Theology, Westminster Seminary California

"Your church is a miracle, says Sam Allberry. If you didn't know that, this book will help you understand why. New believers and old believers with conflicted feelings about the church will especially benefit. Read to learn how to love Christ's people better and worship God more."
Jonathan Leeman, author and editorial director at 9Marks


Sam trained at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, and is Associate Minister at a church in Maidenhead, UK. He's written several books including Lifted and Is God Anti-Gay?