Frequently Asked Questions

About the Resources:  


Are your books discounted?   Yes. All our books, mini books, booklets, and pamphlets are discounted at least 15% off of suggested retail.


Do you sell anything that is classified as "counseling"?   No, we carefully look at the contents and desire to carry books that would have its foundation and solution from the Bible. 


Can I get a bigger discount for larger quantities?   Yes, we would love to try to work with you. Please reach out to us at during normal business hours.


What do I do about a resource that is sold out or out of stock?   Most resources will be back in stock within a week. We will do our best to update quantities on the site as soon as stock comes back in. If there is a specific title that you would need multiples of and need in a certain amount of time, contact us at


About Shipping:


How is shipping Calculated?   We try our best to charge as close as possible to actual shipping costs and give you the option for the best shipping method. If you are doing a larger order, please feel free to contact us at and we can work with you directly.


What is Media Mail?   Media mail is a special classification of shipping via USPS that allows us to ship books at a very cost effective rate. 


How long does media mail take?   Media mail usually takes between 2-10 days to arrive to you. There are times due to inclement weather that shipments can be delayed a little longer.


How will my mini book be shipped?   We want to be able to help counselors and counselees acquire mini book resources without spending a whole lot on shipping. So, for one mini book it only costs $.99. It will ship via USPS First Class Mail.


How will my booklet be shipped?   We also want to do with booklets what we do with mini books. These will be shipped via USPS First Class Mail for $1.73.


Can my shipments be tracked?   Shipments that would fall under First Class Mail Package and Media Mail are trackable. Anything that is considered a First Class Letter like a single mini book, pamphlet, and booklet will not be trackable.


What if I want to order a dozen copies or more?   Please, reach out to us for special shipping and discounts.




Phone: 949-519-9422

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