When the Money Runs Out - Hope and Help for the Financially Stressed by James C. Petty

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If you are experiencing financial difficulties, you might be feeling anger, discouragement, fear, or even panic. There are many reasons people struggle financially-job loss, unexpected expenses, poor decisions-but, whatever the reason, money troubles are serious, painful, and stressful. 

When you are financially stressed, it is easy to become consumed by your worries and fears, so James C. Petty begins by reminding you that your all-powerful heavenly Father knows what you need and has promised to care for you. Then he helps you to examine the place money has in your life, encourages you to find your contentment in your relationship with Christ, and ends with practical steps for diagnosing your financial difficulties and implementing a plan that will bring you financial freedom.

About the Author

James C. Petty, M.Div. (Westminster Theological Seminary), is director emeritus of the Children's Jubliee Fund, a counselor with over twenty years of experience, and the author of Step by Step: Divine Guidance for Ordinary Christians, and the booklets Priorities: Mastering Time Management and Guidance: Have I Missed God's Best? Petty teaches Sunday school and leads a small group at New Life Presbyterian Church.