The Trivial Life: Escaping the Default Mode of the Human Heart by Jason Lancaster

Shepherd Press



Why does your life and my life often trend toward that which is trivial? Because the default mode of the human heart is bent toward triviality. Unless intentional action is taken, you are always going to lean in the direction of pursuing that which is trivial.

But what if there were some kind of work-around, intentional reset, or deliberate action on your part to move away from triviality to a life of meaning and purpose? Here's the good news: you are not destined to live a life of futility but a life of consequence as you engage the critical aspects of life on a day-to-day basis.

God is not a trivial God, nor did He create humans for a life of triviality. He has intervened through the person of Jesus Christ who came to restructure your life from the inside out. Now, through faith in Jesus, you can live a God-consumed life in all that you do to the glory of the Father.


Run, don't walk, to get The Trivial Life by Dr. Jason Lancaster. Life is too short to spend it on the mundane. Jason calls us to step up our game. You will find real help in this book. --Brian Bird, Writer/Executive Producer, When Calls the Heart

You want to live for something more than the trivial life? Then you'll need to look toward home. Jason Lancaster has been looking toward home for thirty years, and we can all learn a lot from his example. But this book has only one Hero, and it's not Jason. I'm thankful for how he makes much of Jesus in this challenging and compelling book. --Collin Hansen, Editorial Director for The Gospel Coalition and author of 
Blind Spots: Becoming a Courageous, Compassionate, and Commissioned Church

We all want our lives to count for something bigger than us. Jason Lancaster has provided an important guide pointing us to that end! 
The Trivial Life is a delightful, soul-stirring read that helps followers of Jesus expose and trade our often-trivial ambitions in exchange for something far more significant: the weighty life. Jason's transparent, humorous, and personal stories, coupled with thoughtful biblical reflections, are valuable for all Christians who wants to impact the community and world around them. --Eric Rivera, Lead Pastor, The Brook


Jason Lancaster, ThM (Dallas Theological Seminary), D.Min. (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School), has spent the last twenty-plus years pastoring churches in the Los Angeles (Providence Church) and Chicago (Evanston Bible Fellowship) areas helping the younger generation to launch in life. Now he ministers in a retirement community in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, (Village Bible Church) helping people to land in life. Jason is married with seven children who are all adjusting from city life to farm life.

All royalties given to support The Call whose goal is to mobilize the Church in Arkansas to love foster children with the extravagant love of Christ through fostering and adoption.