The Excellent Wife - Teaching Supplemental 24 DVD's by Martha Peace

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Product Description

These DVDs are of Martha Peace teaching supplemental material designed to work in tandem with The Excellent Wife book in a Bible study or class setting. This set includes some new helps for individual study and/or group/class study of the book.

In addition to the 24 DVD video sessions, there are Word documents on CD that allow you to print student handouts (print as many as you need) and PowerPoint slide files for the sessions that allow you to use the same "show" slides that Martha uses when she teaches The Excellent Wife Supplement herself. These PowerPoints can be viewed on TVs via DVD players or projected via computer/projector systems that are available in many churches/offices. Students only need to purchase The Excellent Wife book and Student Study Guide.

This 13-DVD set includes Martha's testimony on the first DVD, and then 23 more sessions covering all 21 chapters of The Excellent Wife (2 of the chapters have 2 parts). The 14th disc is a CD with the Word documents and PowerPoint files for each lesson.

Each session is approx. 55 minutes; total run time is approx. 22 hours.