So What's Wrong with Living Together?: A Biblical Response to Cohabitation by Jeffery Miller

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About: So What's Wrong with Living Together?

Unmarried couples living together is so common today that many people are surprised to hear it called a 'sin'. Some respond, "Well, times have changed," and that is true. But God has not changed, and neither has his standard of holiness. If you are someone who truly wants to honor God in your life, you want to know what His word has to say about cohabitation. Jefferey Miller presents a practical viewpoint to those who haven't closed their minds to a biblical perspective. This booklet includes insightful responses to common reasons for "Living Together."


"We live in a day when the idea of living together is more popular than it has ever been before. In a compassionate manner that even those believing in or contemplating this can swallow, Jeff lifts up God and His Word and exposes this cheap substitute for God's perfect design as the sugar-coated poison that it is."  Stuart Scott - Associate Professor of Biblical Counseling Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

About the Author

Jeffrey Miller is the Associate Pastor of North Street Christian Church in Butler, Pennsylvania, where his ministry includes teaching, counseling, and evangelism. Jeff and his wife, Erin, have two sons: Owen and Cade.