Should I Take the Pill? by Sean & Jennifer Perron

ACBC Truth in Love




Biblical counselors must be able to provide biblical answers to the following questions: Is birth control acceptable at all? What makes the Pill unique? What does the Pill do? What factors should women consider before taking the Pill? What about women who have taken the Pill for a long time? What about married women who have medical conditions that require the Pill? These questions, among many others, led us to address the ultimate question for this booklet. How does the Bible instruct us to counsel couples regarding the Pill?


Sean and Jennifer Perron are both ACBC-certified counselors, have been married 10 years, and have two children. Sean serves as the Associate Pastor at First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida , holds a specialization in marriage counseling, and is the co-author of the Letters to a Romantic series on marriage and dating. Jennifer has a degree in Elementary Education.