She's Got the Wrong Guy by Deepak Reju

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Why do the nicest women pick guys who let them down for one reason or another? The answers are not always straightforward. For some women, the issue is as simple as not really thinking through what they re looking for or should be looking for in a man. Others feel they d rather be with someone (and pretty much anyone will do) than be alone, while still others are unconsciously replicating patterns of bad relationships they learned in childhood or from traumatic experiences and don t know how to stop the cycle. Deepak Reju, writing from his years of experience as a pastor and a counselor, shares with women his perspective on how to assess a relationship s strengths from the beginning, how to identity possible pitfalls, and how to have the courage to not just settle but to wait for a relationship that will be a blessing to both of you.


"Tired of waiting for the right man to come along? Weary of delaying 'wedded bliss?' Are you tempted to redefine love so you can accommodate a lesser man in an okay marriage? Don't you dare. The cosmic stakes are too high and your life is too precious to settle for a second-best marriage. If you're looking for the emotional strength to wait well on God's man, my friend Deepak Reju has written the perfect guide in this remarkable book you hold in your hands. I give it a big double-thumbs up!'

Joni Eareckson Tada, Joni and Friends International Disability Center

 "This book is important for women who are dating, but it also for their good friends who want to help, for men who don't want to be the wrong guy, and for anyone who loves someone who will be dating. Your pastor will be Deepak. He will speak to you like a father as you carefully consider one of life's most consequential decisions.'

Ed and Sheri Welch, Counselor & Faculty Member CCEF; author


"As I read She's Got the Wrong Guy, I kept thinking, 'This book is like a modern-day book of Proverbs written by a father to his young adult daughter.' Pastor Deepak Reju writes with compassionate gospel-centered, proverbial wisdom relevantly applying God's truth to the vital topic of singleness, dating, and marriage. This is the book that I'll be mending to single women.'

Bob Kellemen, Founder and CEO of RPM Ministries; author of Gospel-Centered Counseling: How to Care Like Christ

"She's Got the Wrong Guy is a wonderful book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It is very God-honoring, practical, engaging, and convicting. I already know several women who could benefit from this book including my five granddaughters. As a biblical counselor to women, this book is an exceptional resource. I highly recommend it.'

Martha Peace, Author of The Excellent Wife and Biblical Counselor

"Dr. Reju has turned the topic of dating on its head with this insightful and thoughtful look at who not to marry. As a seasoned counselor and brother in Christ, he walks single Christian women through a methodical process of considering the dangers of settling. Using compelling case studies, Deepak carefully leads them to consider many biblical factors that are sometimes swept away as insignificant while encouraging smart women to be patient in waiting for God's best."

Mary K. Mohler, President's Wife, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Director of Seminary Wives Institute


Deepak Reju, MDiv, PhD, serves as the pastor of biblical counseling and families at Capitol Hill Baptist Church (CHBC) in Washington, DC, as well as president for the board of directors of the Biblical Counseling Coalition. He is the author of several books and articles, including Great Kings of the Bible, The Pastor and Counseling, and On Guard: Preventing and Responding to Child Abuse at Church. Deepak and his wife Sarah have five children.