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Raising Men, Not Boys: Shepherding Your Sons to be Men of God

Raising Men, Not Boys: Shepherding Your Sons to be Men of God

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Perhaps there has never been a more challenging time to raise children than in today’s culture. Parents are having to address challenges that their parents never had to with them. And while the core elements to raising children are the same, parents need wisdom for applying them to this day and age.

That’s what this book is about: navigating the times and raising a generation of men on godly principles—sons who are ready, able, and motivated to represent God during their days of sojourning on this earth. Pastor and author Mike Fabarez will help parents pass the faith on to their sons, in prayer that the promises of God extend to the third and fourth generations… and beyond.

Parents will be equipped to:

  • Envision their son’s future every day
  • Set his spiritual trajectory
  • Build a home that grows godly men
  • Address the rebellion in their son’s heart
  • Prepare him to face the world and contribute to it
  • Help their son toward  a right view of play and leisure
  • Navigate the teenage years

There is an epidemic of grown men with the maturity of young boys. Be a parent who saves your child from prolonged adolescence. Scripture says, “The father of the righteous will greatly rejoice; he who fathers a wise son will be glad in him” (Prov. 23:24). Children are a gift from the Lord. Read Raising Men, Not Boys to steward the gift of parenting and shepherd your sons to be men of God.


Christians understand that God created human beings as male and female—for His glory and for our good. The differences between the sexes are not matters of evolutionary accident, but are clear indications of God’s sublime and perfect design for human happiness. Yet in our age, confusing cultural signals have led many boys and young men to be uncertain and unaware of their masculinity and proper role in the home and in society. This brave new book by Mike Fabarez is a faithful guide for parents who want to raise their young boys to become true men. Full of Scripture-informed wisdom, this is a message parents and young boys need to hear. May God make us faithful as we seek to lead our boys to become true Christian men.

R. Albert Mohler, Jr. - President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

In this marvelous handbook, veteran pastor and experienced father Mike Fabarez provides a deeply probing discussion of various areas every Christian parent of sons should consider in their raising of those boys to become the men God wants them to be. Pastor Fabarez has thought through this subject carefully and includes so many valuable, crucial, and insightful reflections on areas responsible Christian parents would be wise to implement. Let me put it simply: Raising sons? Get this book! You’ll be so grateful that you did.

Bruce A. Ware- Professor of Christian Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Author of Big Truths for Young Hearts.


DR. MIKE FABAREZ is the founding pastor of Compass Bible Church in Aliso Viejo, California. He is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute, Talbot School of Theology, and Westminster Theological Seminary in California. Mike is heard on hundreds of stations on the Focal Point radio program and has authored several books, including Lifelines for Tough Times, Preaching That Changes Lives, and Bible Survey for Kids. Mike and his wife Carlynn have three children, Matthew, John and Stephanie.

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Raising Men, Not Boys: Shepherding Your Sons to be Men of God
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Raising Men, Not Boys: Shepherding Your Sons to be Men of God9780802416575
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