Prodigal, Come Home!: Facing Facts about Repentance and Faith

Jim Holmes




This interactive workbook combines several features:
It drives its users to the Bible, God’s Word, for counsel and direction;
It is rooted in the real world, written by an author who understands the issues of sin and sorrow, and yet the wonderful and enabling grace of the Lord Jesus Christ;
It probes the heart, calling its readers to be serious in their relationship with God.


Will Simmons has done a good job addressing such an important issue in the realm of biblical counseling. Here is a resource that counselors can use regularly as a tool in their ministries; I hope it receives a wide readership.
Dr. John Street, The Master's College and Seminary, California


Will Simmons lives in southern California and attends Grace Community Church, where Dr. John MacArthur is pastor-teacher. Will has four adult children and seven grandchildren. He has been serving for several years as an Adjunct Professor at The Master's College, teaching the Degree Completion Program as well as Biblical Counseling Courses. He has written other books, is a conference speaker, and has an ongoing counseling ministry. Will's companion book, Prodigal, Come Home!, is a practical and soundly Bible-based resource that may be helpfully used with prodigals who are serious about returning to God in true repentance and faith.