Pretty Bunny Has a Hurt Heart by Barb Mulvey & Cris Paulson

Hope Ahead Publishing



Mr. Fox did a bad thing to you, Pretty, but that doesn’t make you bad. Mr. Fox broke God’s rules to love and protect you.
—Miss Abigail

Mr. Fox moves to Home Place and the fun neighborhood parties start! But Pretty Bunny knows something bad about Mr. Fox. She keeps a secret to protect other bunnies, but her hurt makes her sad, mad, and afraid. Granny Bunny and cousin Miss Abigail pray for Pretty, listen to the secret, and help her face the anger, sadness, and hurt. Pretty meets a loving Creator God and walks all the way to forgiveness and new joy. She meets other animals who have been hurt, and helps them heal from sadness too.

Along the way, Pretty asks:
“Am I a bad bunny?”
“Will I ever be the same?”
“Why did this happen to me?”
“Will God punish Mr. Fox?”

This chapter book, written at a fourth-grade reading level, answers these hard questions and more.



Barb Mulvey is a certified biblical counselor (ACBC). She is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. Her greatest desire is to help women who have been hurt by abuse, so they find their joy in living for God. She is the co-author of Hope Ahead, a journey to freedom after sexual abuse, the adult version of Pretty Bunny Has A Hurt Heart.

Cris Paulson is a biblical lay counselor, mentor and life coach. She counsels women through their trials and pains. Her greatest desire is that all may know Jesus as their Savior, Healer and Rescuer. She co-wrote and edited Hope Ahead and Pretty Bunny Has A Hurt Heart.