Parenting Your ADHD Child: Biblical Guidance for Your Child's Diagnosis by Rita Jamison

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About: Parenting Your ADHD Child.

If your child is diagnosed with ADHD, don't give up hope! No diagnosis can negate the fact that your child is made in the image of God. You can help your child, as one of God's image bearers, to deal with the behaviors associated with ADHD. The Bible offers you and your child much wisdom, comfort, and hope as you face this struggle together. 

Rita K. Jamison walks parents through 18 behavioral characteristics related to ADHD, showing them how to apply Scripture to each type of behavior. As you teach your child to examine their heart before the Lord instead of immediately reacting to their impulses, you will help them experience the faith-building satisfaction of real change.

About the Author

Author Rita Jamison, M.S., is a special education teacher specializing in remedial reading, learning disabilities, and mild mental disabilities. She also serves in children's ministry at Faith Church (Lafayette, Indiana) and is a regular conference speaker. Rita Jamison is married with two children, a foster daughter, and five grandchildren.

Jamison, who was named the Hershey Elementary Teacher of the Year in 2008, talks about her work as a special education teacher: “Giving children a foundation of learning to help them be successful adults was my goal. Several of the children in my classes went on to receive two-year higher educational degrees.”

In a similar way, Rita Jamison is providing a foundation of learning and discipleship for others through her gospel-centered writing. “My desire is to show that God's Word is sufficient to solve problems in everyday life, even in the lives of children, as we daily work to glorify and please him,” she explains.