Mental Illness - vl 2 The Reality of the Spiritual Nature by Daniel R. Berger ll



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Two of the most pressing issues for any theory of mental illness to be established and accepted is to define the mind and to determine whether mankind consists of both spiritual and physical natures or exists merely as a material existence. Although many professionals argue that the brain is the most relevant topic of discussion in mental illness, the mind is the reason why the idea of mental illness exists. The mind, therefore, must first be defined and understood before the brain-dysfunction theory can be evaluated and potentially applied. But such a study poses a problem for science-driven approaches, since the mind cannot be observed and the scientific method can only be applied to effects of the mind - such as behavior and physical changes to the body. These are some of the issues discussed in this volume. Likewise, this book explores the history of the current construct of mental illness, which Emil Kraepelin created and which led to the Nazi Holocaust. This philosophy and system/paradigm/construct is still the foundational theory behind today's mental health system. It is not just the Holocaust, however, which exposes that this utilitarian system is broken: history consistently reveals that denying the spiritual nature of mankind results in horrific and barbaric treatment of humanity. Despite this fact, the denial of the spiritual nature or reducing it to the physical nature is one of the major tenets on which the current construct of mental illness rests. Further, though modern day psychiatrists claim that they are altruistic, one must question why empathy and care should matter if humanity is not spiritual/moral in nature. If we are only physical bi-products of evolution (materialism), then why do we have a moral system at all, and why do we seek to remedy any distress or impairment in a person's life? Why not simply allow evolution to run its course? To believe in the classic medical model - which is today's construct of mental illness - is to deny the spiritual nature of humanity. If we are to truly treat people's minds, we must consider the reality of the spiritual nature as well as how to approach and heal.

About the author

Dr. Daniel R. Berger II is the founder and direct of Alethia International Ministries (AIM), where he continues to speak around the country at various conferences and ministries. He is also an experienced pastor, counselor, school administrator, and the author of numerous books on Christian counseling, practical theology, education, and the history and philosophy of the mental health construct. Daniel attended Bob Jones University and Florida International University, where he earned four degrees in counseling and theology. He is also a certified member of the International Association of Biblical Counselors (IABC). When he is not speaking, he and his wife Oriana live in Greenville South Carolina with their three children.