Leaving Military Service: Adjusting to Civilian Life

New Growth




For many who leave military service, the transition back to civilian life can feel overwhelming. Former roles and responsibilities are gone, along with the structure of where you live and how you spend your time. This can lead many to struggle with big decisions and how to move forward into civilian life.   

Chaplain Ted Hamm wants you to know that the gospel has power and gives perspective that will help you make this transition with hope and encouragement. Hamm also provides practical guidance for landing on your feet by pursuing intentional friendships, finding places to serve others, staying physically active, and getting plugged into a healthy local church.  

Your identity as a child of God gives you purpose and a firm foundation to stand on when everything else is changing. The skills you gained during your time of service can be uniquely leveraged for God’s kingdom. By taking one faithful step at a time, you can regain your footing with the Lord’s help and find your way to a place of meaningful engagement with this new season. 


Captain Ted Hamm, USA, Retired, is the Church Partnership Program Manager at Upstate Warrior Solution in Greenville, SC.  He served as Army Chaplain for 8 years, including with the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, NC.  Ted and his wife, Lucibeth, have been married for twenty five years and have four children. He blogs on the brevity of life and living for eternity at https://www.caringbridge.org/visit/tedhamm/journal.