Infertility and Miscarriage by Jeremy Pray

ACBC Truth in Love




Infertility and miscarriage pierce the soul. Tears and questions flow freely, haunting many husbands and wives: What’s wrong with our bodies? How are we supposed to “be fruitful and multiply” if we can’t carry a baby? Are we being punished for something?

This booklet equips counselors to minister the Word of God to the hearts of husbands and wives facing infertility and miscarriage so they can find hope and wisdom. As counselors seek to help hurting souls with all grace and patience, they must lead them to our blessed Lord and Savior, for true joy and happiness are found in God alone, not children.


Jeremy Pray is the Pastor of Biblical Counseling at NorthCreek Church and is an ACBC certified counselor. In addition to the Biblical Counseling Ministry, he also oversees various other adult ministries. He has a Master of Divinity form The Master’s Seminary.