Humility: The Forgotten Virtue by Wayne Mack



About: Humility.

Most sins turn us away from God, but pride is a direct attack upon God. It lifts our hearts above him and against him. Pride seeks to dethrone God and enthrone itself. How can Christians fight against this sin and develop genuine humility?

In this helpful book, Wayne Mack guides readers through Scripture and shows us how we can take steps to develop humility and diminish the destructive pride in our lives. Readers will find here a resource that is practical, well illustrated, and relevant to their lives.



"Sometimes a book reads you while you are reading it. This is that kind of book. It has eyes!”

—Jim Elliff

"Wayne and Joshua Mack do an excellent job of diagnosing the cancer of pride and provide inspired biblical treatment. With the scalpel of Scripture they carefully do surgery on the reader's soul. Drawing wisdom from biblical examples and great preachers of the past, they offer practical instruction for extracting pride and replacing it with its glorious counterpart—humility."

—Jack Hughes

About the Author

Wayne Mack lives in Pretoria, South Africa, where he serves as a pastor-elder with his son-in-law and teaches biblical counseling at Strengthening Ministries Training Institute to pastors and aspiring pastors in the region. He also spends about six weeks in the USA teaching at various churches. He and his wife, Carol, have four adult children and numerous grandchildren.