Help! My Loved One Had a Stroke

Shepherd Press



About the book

A mini-book written with understanding on the practical challenges of living with a loved one who has experienced a stroke.

If your loved one has had a stroke, your life may have been turned upside down. Facing these radical life changes can be physically and emotionally exhausting. But you are not alone. This mini-book suggests ways you can get the support you need for both your loved one and yourself for the long haul. Above all, it points you to God’s loving purpose in suffering, and the hope and strength to be found in the gospel.

About the author

Sue Nicewander Delaney, MABC, ACBC, BCC, has been counseling, teaching, and writing since 1994. She currently serves with Calvary Baptist Church in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, and is on the Council Board of the Biblical Counseling Coalition. Sue earned her MA in biblical counseling from Central Baptist Theological Seminary. She and late husband Jim were married 43 years, with two married daughters and six grandchildren. Sue married Darren Delaney in 2018.