Help! My Baby Died by Reggie Weems

Shepherd Press



About the book

The greatest grief any parent can endure is the death of a child. No other human experience compares to it and words are insufficient to describe the emotion. This mini-book is offered as encouragement from one fellow sufferer to another. It is brief and will not answer every question about your experience or your baby. But it does answer one very important question. There is indeed a God, and he is faithful and worthy of your trust, even now—especially now. He is the eternal, inextinguishable hope for grieving families.

About the author

Reggie Weems has served as the Senior Pastor at Heritage Baptist Church since 1991. Married to his childhood sweetheart, he and his wife have three children and ten grandchildren. He earned his DMin from Liberty University (Lynchburg, VA) and his PhD from the University of Babes-Bolyai in Cluj, Romania.