Help! I’m a Slave to Food

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Mini Book
About: Help! I'm a slave to Food.

A mini-book offering Biblical counsel at a practical level on the importance of self-discipline in the matter of diet and exercise.

Overeating is a silent, subtle, even respectable sin—but it hinders the spiritual growth and effectiveness of many, including Christians. Perhaps you struggle with it too. If so, this booklet can help you—not as a diet plan, but as a compass directing you to the heart of the problem and to the only solution: Jesus, the One who can bring you out of slavery into freedom.

Intended Readership:

  • People struggling with managing diet and exercise programs
  • Christian counselors
  • Pastors and church ministry teams
  • Small-group leaders

Chapter Titles:

  • Introduction
  • 1 Is Food Your Master?
  • 2 Exposing the Sin of Overeating
  • 3 Sin Shall Not Be Master over You
  • 4 Walking in Freedom
  • Conclusion
  • Personal Application Projects
  • Where Can I Get Further Help?
About the Author

Shannon Kay McCoy lives in Southern California. She has an M.A. in Biblical Counseling from The Master’s College and is an ACBC-certified counselor. She loves counseling women and has a passionate concern for women’s spiritual growth.