Help! I Can’t Forgive by Jim Newcomer

Shepherd Press


Mini Book
About: Help! I Can't Forgive.

Helping people who are finding it difficult to work out forgiveness in practical terms.

What is one of the most common refrains heard in homes, relationships, churches, and even our culture at large? “I can’t forgive!” The struggle to forgive someone who has wronged us is universal. What is the answer? A fresh look at the gospel! Join the author as he takes you through a five-stop journey toward biblical forgiveness.

Intended Readership:

  • People who have been abused or mistreated
  • People who have undergone trauma in one form or another
  • People who are struggling with practical forgiveness of others in the light of the grace of God they have received
  • Counselors and Christian workers who minister to those mentioned above

Chapter Titles:

  • Introduction
  • 1 Admit Your Hesitancy
  • 2 Remember Your Story
  • 3 Guard Your Heart
  • 4 Fear Your Lord
  • Conclusion: Enact Your Forgiveness
  • Personal Application Projects
    • Where Can I Get Further Help?
About the Author

Dr. Jim Newcomer (Biblical Counseling Professor, Virginia Beach Theological Seminary) has enjoyed almost twenty years of pastoral ministry. He also teaches counseling in several undergraduate and graduate institutions. He and his wife, Lorie, have three children.