God With Us: A Journey Home Hardcover by Jeremy Pierre

Shepherd Press



Author Jeremy Pierre and illustrator Cassandra Clark want to awaken children to a brave journey―a journey home.

This world is not our home. We live east of Eden and short of Heaven. The earlier children understand this, the more sense they can make out of this sad, wonderful place. This storybook aims to shape their vision of the world as a place in-between, to awaken them to the brave journey they must take toward their true home—their home with God.


This is a beautiful re-telling of the most beautiful story ever told. --Karen Swallow Prior, professor of Christianity & Culture, and author of 'On Reading Well: Finding the Good Life through Great Books'

God With Us' delivers truth with imagination, creativity, and beautiful illustrations. The gospel message becomes clearer with every turn of the page. Like a symphony of truth that crescendos to the final fanfare, 'God With Us' ends with a finale that connects the gospel dots and offers an invitation to believe. Bravo and well done! --Marty Machowski, pastor and author of 'The Ology,' 'Wonderful,' 'Long Story Short,' and other gospel-centered resources for church and home

The one and only thing I dislike about 'God With Us' is that it was published too late for me to read it to my children. But I am carefully setting aside my copy and am already looking forward to someday reading it to my grandchildren. I have every confidence they will enjoy it and benefit from it. --Tim Challies, writer, reviewer, and blogger at challies.com

About the Author

Jeremy Pierre lives in Louisville, Kentucky with his wife Sarah and their five children. He is a former literature professor who now teaches counseling and theology, but never quite got away from his first love. He earned his B.A. in literature from Cedarville University, his M.A. in literature from Cleveland State University, and his M.Div. and Ph.D. in Counseling and Theology from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He teaches at Southern and pastors at Clifton Baptist Church.