God’s Mercy in Our Suffering: Lamentations for Pastors and Counselors




(Originally titled The Discipline of Mercy)

In  God’s Mercy in Our Suffering, pastors and counselors Eric Kress and Paul Tautges take us deep into the book of Lamentations where we are exhorted to place our hope fully in the faithful mercy and loyal love of a gracious God—no matter the extent of our suffering


Books by Bible teachers that combine solid exposition, theological depth, and pastoral wisdom are very rare. They might include one of these strengths, seldom two, but almost never all three. This book on Lamentations, however, is just such a book! It is a tremendous accomplishment. It is at one and the same time a verse-by-verse commentary, a rich devotional treasury, and a very capable biblical counselor’s guide. I cannot say enough good things about it. Seasoned shepherds, Eric Kress and Paul Tautges are uniquely qualified to write on this somewhat unfamiliar Old Testament book. They combine the skill of preachers, the acumen of theologians, and the sensitivity of counselors. For both pastors and laymen alike, this book fills a great need. I am grateful for this addition to the Kress Biblical Resources line of volumes. It will surely do its part to edify the church of Jesus Christ.—Lance Quinn Pastor-Teacher Pastor-Teacher The Bible Church of Little Rock


Eric Kress is a graduate of The Master’s Seminary in Sun Valley, California.

Dr. Paul Tautges has served as a pastor-teacher since 1992. Paul is also a biblical counselor certified with ACBC.