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Fierce Women: The Power of a Soft Warrior by Kimberly Wagner

Fierce Women: The Power of a Soft Warrior by Kimberly Wagner

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Can you have a strong personality and still be a godly wife? YES!

Do you ever get the idea that being a godly wife means you need to be a mousy doormat? Be as unnoticeable as a doorknob? Or have a personality transplant?

Fierce Women: The Power of a Soft Warrior smashes that idea. No matter whether you’re an extrovert or more introverted, Kimberly Wagner believes women are created to be a compelling force.

You may not see yourself as beautifully fierce or even slightly strong, but what if God has placed a powerful fierceness within you, within every woman? Kim admits her fierceness became a source of conflict in her marriage, but the relationship dynamic totally changed when she discovered her fierce strengths could be used to encourage and inspire her husband. She invites you to come alongside as she takes an honest look at a destructive relationship dynamic and casts a vision for the transformation God can bring to troubled marriages.

A True Woman Book; the goal of the True Woman publishing line is to encourage women to:

  • Discover, embrace, and delight in God's divine design and mission for their lives
  • Reflect the beauty and heart of Jesus Christ to their world
  • Intentionally pass the baton of Truth on to the next generation
  • Pray earnestly for an outpouring of God's Spirit in their families, churches, nation and world


Kimberly Wagner has a life message that is both provocative and reassuring. As a long-time friend, I've seen her live her teaching and it's so refreshing to watch. Now other women will have the opportunity to learn from her and to be encouraged that strong women--grounded in the Word and trusting God--are beautiful to behold. This book is good for both the newly engaged and the long-time married woman. Buy it, read it, share it! -- Carolyn McCulley, author of Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye?and Radical Womanhood

Kimberly Wagner's life is a continual pursuit of all that is true, right, and holy. She not only strives for this in her own life, but lives a life of sacrifice and investment into the lives of others, such as myself, spurring us on in the faith, coming alongside, and speaking truth in love. This book portrays the beauty of strength under control...His control. ~ Melissa Hudnell, wife, mom, and follower of Jesus Christ

If your marriage feels like a battlefield, you need this book! Kim presents the radical idea that fierceness is woven into God's design for womanhood, but softness is the application. She knows what it's like to wrestle with the urge to control, to crave power, and to rush toward battle. In a style that makes you feel like you're having coffee with a close friend, Kim shares her story while opening the Word to reveal God's truth. This book has the tools you need to equip you to move you and your husband from adversaries to allies. ~ Erin Davis, author of Beyond Bath Time: Embracing Motherhood as a Sacred Role

WOW! Pull out your highlighters, because this inspiring book is full of profound and quote-worthy truths. Dig deep into its pages and discover the power and potential of your own fierce beauty. ~ Mary A. Kassian, author of Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild

As a pastor's wife, this is the book I haveneeded for decades! I have longed for a tool to put in the hands of struggling, discontented, strong women . . . women who are wrestling with how and why they can restore their love for their husband and marriage. Kim does a masterful job of crafting her own life story into a message that is a handbook for restoration of any marriage. Kim is writing from the perspective of the trenches, about how to win the battle and it is powerful! ~ Holly Elliff, wife of Bill Elliff, Directional Pastor of The Summit Church

Can there be such a thing as sanctified ferocity? Kimberly Wagner has walked the path of sinful, self focused boldness to fine theat there is a meek and humble kind of tenacity that ought to characterize every woman who loves Jesus. Fierce and humble can, and should, describe every woman of God. ~ Bob Lepine, co-host of FamilyLife Today

When I first met Kimberly Wagner, she was a miserable wife whose fierce spirit had intimidated her husband and stripped him of confidence and joy. I have watched as she has become a soft warrior who is a source of strength and encouragement to LeRoy and to others around her. I believe this account of Kim's journey and the truths God used to change her heart and restore her marriage will minister much grace and help to other "fierce women." ~ Nancy Leigh DeMoss, author, host of Revive Our Hearts radio

Finally, a beautiful treatise on why God made women to be strong and how that can be expressed with a gentle spirit! Kimberly writes with conviction and tells her own story with transparency. Dare to pick this up and become gently fierce! ~ Dannah Gresh, bestselling author of And the Bride Wore White 


Kimberly Wagner is the author of Fierce Women: The Power of a Soft Warrior. Spreading God’s glory is Kim’s deepest passion. Her desire for women to connect with Christ is woven through everything she writes and every message she delivers. You can read her daily blog at, where she encourages women to be students of the Word. Kim is a frequent guest on the Revive Our Hearts radio program, as well as a regular contributor to the True Woman blog. She is married to her favorite pastor, LeRoy Wagner, and they enjoy hanging out with their adult children and growing tribe of grandchildren.

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