Coming Out: Compassion and Truth for Freedom from Homosexuality by Tom Maxham





There is an urgent need today for compassion and truth regarding homosexuality and same-sex attraction - compassion for those who struggle in this area and truth for hope and freedom.

In Coming Out, Tom Maxham focuses on how to counsel individuals and loved ones who are seeking answers to the many questions that are raised regarding this subject. The sufficiency of Scripture is stressed, which is rarely seen in practice, as well as pointing individuals to the transforming work of the gospel of grace.


"In a time when there is incredible confusion about homosexuality and same-sex attraction there are answers in the scriptures. Experienced counselor, Tom Maxham, not only clearly explains what Scripture teaches but offers hope for change to those struggling with these desires." - Dr. Ernie Baker author of 'Marry Wisely, Marry Well.'


Tom Maxham is the Pastor of Adult Ministries with Grace Bible Church in Escondido, CA. He has a master of arts in biblical counseling from The Master's University, is certified as a biblical counselor with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC), and counsels with IBCD as a staff counselor. For further information please visit