A Hope Deferred: Adoption and the Fatherhood of God by Stephen Yuille

Shepherd Press


About: A Hope Deferred.

We use the word adoption very casually today—we speak of adopting pets, books, and highways.

Yet the word has a far nobler significance.

Adoption is the permanent placement of a child in a family with all its rights and privileges. God has forever placed us in his family. He has forever made us his children. He has forever changed our legal status. A Hope Deferred probes the depths of this wonderful reality and intertwines these blessings with an account of one family’s journey to international adoption. The result is a valuable glimpse into the essential relationship between adoption, affliction, and the fatherhood of God over his people.

About the Author

Along with serving as Associate Professor of Biblical Spirituality, Dr. Yuille also serves as the preaching pastor at Grace Community Church in Glen Rose, Texas. He has over twenty years of ministry experience, including serving as a missionary to Portugal. He has published an extensive list of journals articles and books. He has written especially in the area of Puritan studies, and is the volume editor of two volumes in the new critical edition of the works of the William Perkins from Reformation Heritage Books.



“Stephen Yuille highlights with power and passion what adoption is from the human and divine perspectives—both of which are central to the Gospel. Stephen and Alison tell the great and sometimes difficult story of their journey to Emma—the fulfillment of a hope deferred. Readers wanting to understand adoption will certainly enjoy this book.” —Rev. Scott Roley

“Adoption is a doubly-beautiful doctrine. Stephen Yuille looks to the Bible and explains the theology of adoption, and he looks to his own family to show adoption lived out. Read it and be blessed.” —Tim Challies

“This book leads us on a journey that is full of twists and surprises. Woven into the narrative are the richly colored threads of a superb practical application of Paul’s teaching in Romans 8. A good read, a moving story, and a great help—all in one.” —Sinclair B. Ferguson

“‘How long, O Lord?’ is the piercing cry which Stephen and Alison Yuille lived over many years of praying that God would give them children. This book is a precious mosaic of personal stories and biblical teaching that go straight to the heart.” —Dr. Joel R. Beeke