Transformation Bible Study Journal by Curtis Solomon





'The Life Transformation Bible Study Journal is designed to help you slow down and dig deep into the Word of God so that it goes deep into you. The Process is designed to transform you to be more like Jesus. The journal is primarily designed to study through one book of the Bible, building each week on what you have studied before. However, it is adaptable and can be used to study select portions of Scripture you chose. Each week you will focus on one particular passage of scripture. If you are studying through a book of the Bible, that passage could be one chapter or one paragraph.'

'When the Bible speaks of the heart, it refers to the "control center" of our lives. What happens in your heart flows through all of your life. When the Bible addresses the function of the heart, it describes three broad operations: cognition (our thoughts and beliefs), volition (desires and choices), and the affection (emotions, inclinations). These operations are inextricably interwoven and interact with one another in ways that cannot easily be divided. The human heart is also influenced by relationships with other people, God, oneself, and the circumstances. The following questions are designed to help you fully investigate your own heart and prepare to have it transformed by your next few months of biblical study'.


A great journal designed to simply challenge yourself to know the Word better and more intimately. - Anonymous.