Intro to Messy Care and Discipleship by Scott Mehl & Ann Maree Goudzwaard & Rachel Cain

Shepherd Press



A Companion Guide to Loving Messy People by Scott Mehl and the Intro to Messy Care and Discipleship Video Series available from

We all live our lives in the context of relationships and, in the course of those relationships, everyone experiences problems. Does Scripture have anything to say about how we approach one another in the mess of life? Of course it does! Scripture provides us with dozens of "one-another" commands, each with a unique application for how we are called to love those around us, particularly when relationships get messy.

The IBCD Intro to Messy Care and Discipleship workbook is divided into eight separate lessons (with accompanying video teachings and roundtable discussions) designed to help you better understand how relationships work in the mess of life. You will discover and appreciate the beauty of God's design as he uses you in your relationships to transform his children into the image of his Son. You will consider some of the barriers that exist in one-another care as well as some of the opportunities. And you will see the kindness of God as he approaches his people gently.


Scott Mehl (D.Min., Southern Seminary) has been the pastor of Cornerstone Church of West LA since 2005. He is a regular writer and speaker on topics related to practical theology. He is also a certified counselor with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors and an adjunct faculty member at Eternity Bible College. Scott lives in Culver City, CA, with his wife and four children.

Ann Maree Goudzwaard serves at her home church, Christ Covenant in Matthews, NC, counseling those in need and training in one-another care. She is the co-author of Help [H]er: A Churchwide Response for Women in Crisis, a biblical counselor, has an MDiv with a counseling emphasis from RTS Charlotte, and is a DMin candidate. She is married to Bob, mother of three, and grandmother to eleven.

Rachel Cain produces counseling training materials and manages operations for the Institute for Biblical Counseling and Discipleship (IBCD). She is a biblical counselor, has a Masters in Biblical Counseling from The Master's University, and is a member of Christ Covenant Church in Matthes, NC.