Counsel for the Dying by Timothy Pasma

ACBC Truth in Love




The Bible describes death as an enemy, an enemy that still plagues believers even if its sting has been removed. Everyone knows intuitively that death is not a “normal part of life,” but an aberration.  It was not part of the original Creation that God declared “very good.” How then do we counsel those facing death?

In these situations, counselors are responsible to minister God’s Word effectively. How does one counsel in a way that is faithful to God? Or, how do counselors shepherd these folks to death’s door and into the presence of Jesus? This booklet shows counselors how to help counselees face death in a way that glorifies God and magnifies the Savior who died that they might live.


Timothy Pasma has ministered at LaRue Baptist Church since the Spring of 1985. He is also a Fellow and Board Member at ACBC and lectures frequently on counseling issues at counseling conferences and for a number of Christian organizations.