Hide or Seek: When Men Get Real with God about Sex

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About: Hide or Seek.

Are you stuck in a never-ending cycle of defeat that fills you with shame, prevents you from leading your family well, getting involved in the church, and spending your time and money on the things that really matter? You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by ending this cycle. 

You are not powerless in the fight against pornography and lust. Hide or Seek won’t ask you to jump through a series of hoops; it will simply suggest one clear step forward. One step to reorient your heart toward God’s love for you. One step to take the energy out of the vicious cycle that keeps you from being the man God has called you to be, the man you want to be.

Discover how the gospel speaks in practical terms to the most private areas of your life and how God offers the freedom you desire. Hide or Seek is easy-to-read, full of real-life stories, and points you to the hope for change that many men have given up on finding. 

Don’t settle for the cycle.

  • Designed for men who feel trapped by their sexual struggles but don’t yet perceive the need for transparency or accountability
  • Easy-to-read, full of real-life stories of ordinary men changed by the power of the gospel
  • Encourages honesty with its direct, conversational style 
  • Connects the dots between men’s sexual struggles and issues in family life, church life, and the broader culture 
  • Casts a vision for all that men stand to gain by fighting against lust and pornography 
  • Speaks gospel hope into one of the critical, soul-destroying problems of our day

For pastors - caring for the sexual integrity and health of the men in your church?  Start a Hide-or-Seek group to help.

Of all the people we have met and all the organizations we have encountered in ministry to those who want sexual sanctification, John Freeman and Harvest USA are the ones we trust. The fruit of John’s experience in this book should be a help to many.
-Tim Keller , Senior Pastor, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York, NY; author of The Reason for God
We live in a hyper-sexualized culture, where porn is the norm and everyone is harmed by secret sexual sin. Thank God for the ministry of John Freeman, who for decades has been helping people in sexual darkness find the light of Jesus Christ. Freeman is savvy about sexual temptation, sensitive to men who feel hopeless, and sold on the power of the gospel to bring real spiritual transformation. Before you give up hope for sexual healing, give Hide or Seek a chance to help bring the change you need.
-Philip Ryken, President at Wheaton College
John Freeman has written a book for men who are sexual strugglers—in other words, he has written a book for all men! John relentlessly applies the gospel—the love of God for us in Christ—to our sexual dysfunction. The gospel frees us to open up our lives both to our heavenly Father and to one another and begin the hard but good work of purity. Bridging the gap between theology and practice by telling us story after story of men who have been captured and delivered by sexual sin, John’s gentle and generous heart jumps from the pages of this book and mirrors the heart of God for men who are struggling. John doesn’t present the gospel in a vacuum; the book is a call to biblical integrity, to wholeness, where the inner life matches the outer appearance.
-Paul E. Miller, Director of seeJesus, author of A Loving Life and A Praying Life


About the Author

John Freeman, M.A.R., is president of Harvest USA and has been a guest lecturer at Westminster SeminaryReformed Seminary, and Cairn University.

John Freeman began his ministry with Harvest USA as a volunteer while in seminary. As President of the organization, he now champions the mission of Harvest USA. He has a deep burden to see those who struggle with pornography, homosexuality, same-sex attractions, and sexual addictions experience changed lives through Jesus Christ. John spends most of his time helping churches be equipped to better take care of the hearts of individuals, families, and youth affected by and vulnerable to these problems and struggles. He frequently works with pastors, church staff, and elder boards in consultations about how to make their churches redemptive places of hope and help for sexual strugglers.

John Freeman has contributed to Tabletalk and The Journal of Biblical Counseling and has been a regular guest writer for the faith page of The Philadelphia Daily News, for which he was a 2008 Amy Award. Author of the minibook The Gay Dilemma and Your Church: Reaching Out to Those Who Struggle, John also recently contributed to the book Reformed Means Missional: Following Jesus Into the World. His newest book is Hide or Seek: When Men Get Real with God about Sex.

John is a graduate of the University of Tennessee and Westminster Theological Seminary. In addition to his ministry with Harvest USA, John has served as adjunct faculty in the graduate counseling departments of Cairn University and at The Center of Urban Theological Studies in Philadelphia. 

John and his wife, Penny, have been married over 30 years and have three grown children. Their home is in the Philadelphia area.