The Adventures of Adam Raccoon Series: Bully Garumph by Glen Keane

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The Adventures of Adam Raccoon takes place in the Master's Wood. It is a place of natural beauty, with streams, waterfalls, flowering meadows and groves of tall trees. It is also a wild and untamed land where wolves and dangers abound. Fortunately, King Aren watches over and protects Adam and his friends who love to play and explore every corner of Master's Wood.

In Bully Garumph Adam finds himself having to deal with a cheating soccer player. Rather than hate him, King Aren instructs Adam about applying courageous love toward Garumph. Kids will learn how to show kindness and continue to play fair, even if others are not.

Each of the Adventures of Adam Raccoon stories carries a Biblical theme taught in the form of a parable. Adam Raccoon is a picture of all of us and King Aren the lion is a picture of Jesus. "Aren" in ancient Greek means "lamb."


The Good News always makes for a great story, especially when it's told in a fresh, creative, and totally unique way - it's how I feel about every book in the series, The Adventures of Adam Raccoon. Boys and girls can't help but see themselves in the antics of little Adam, as well as in the many times he is miraculously redeemed from his errors. Best of all, they will relish in the clever and colorful drawings that convey action, wonder, sorrow and delight. Each of Adam's stories will be read again and again... the series is that good. I highly recommend The Adventures of Adam Raccoon to pre schoolers, young readers, teachers, parents, and, yes, even art students! --Joni Eareckson Tada, Joni and Friends International Disability Center

These amazing and creative stories are a great way for kids to learn the eternal truths found in God's word. Kids will have an easy time relating to Adam Raccoon and parents can easily relate the stories to scripture and Christ. -- A thankful dad.


A 38 year veteran of Walt Disney Feature Animation, Glen Keane is most noted for creating and animating such legendary Disney characters as Ariel in “The Little Mermaid”, Aladdin, Pocahontas, the Beast from “Beauty and the Beast”, and Tarzan. Glen also served as Supervising Animator and Executive Producer on Disney’s 2010 box office hit, "Tangled".